Julie Fischoff- founder, lead instructor, and event director.     

Brooklyn Craft Farm offers birthday parties, event entertainment, and on-location kids sewing classes and workshops. With a focus on developing skills, boosting self-confidence, and always having fun, we believe that every child will create amazing things when given the opportunity.

With people spending countless hours on their computers and smart phones, and school art programs being cut, our mission is to inspire people to unplug and “make something”.   The process of crafting helps strengthen your focus, clears your head, and allows you to really enjoy being in the moment.  Completing a project gives you a great sense of accomplishment, enhancing your self confidence.

Brooklyn Craft Farm was founded in 2010 by the creative duo of Julie Fischoff and Loulou Williams.  Today the Craft Farm is run by Julie, who after a decade of working professionally in New York City in costume design(PBS), window display(Bloomingdales) and photo styling(Martha Stewart), has found her true passion in teaching and inspiring others to be creative.  Julie is a firm believer that anyone can make amazing things…and that googly eyes really do make everything better!