We did the craft-a-go-go for my daughter’s 7th Birthday. It was a big hit and the kids LOVED it! They all were completely absorbed in the activity and it made the party very easy for us. Julie did such a nice job with the planning and set up. She and her colleague, Sarah, worked so well with the kids. I highly recommend Brooklyn Craft Farm!- Susanna
We could not be more pleased that we chose Brooklyn Craft Farm’s craft a-go-go option for our daughter’s 10yr bday party. Julie and her team were stellar; they arrived with the complete set-up and soon the kids were having a great time creating awesome T-shirts. My daughter is a huge Dr. Who fan and Julie made sure to include Dr. Who-themed appliques. The project was creative, engaging and fun, and the T-shirts were also the perfect party favor. Highly recommend!- Gabriela
We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday with Brooklyn Craft Farm and the kids had an amazing time sewing their own stuffed animals. Julie and Sarah were attentive to the kids when they needed help while still allowing little hands to do the work on their own.
Highly recommended! – Alexandra C.